Access Control

Access Control Installation & Maintenance

Tri Tech Solutions supply, install and maintain electronic security access control systems to manage the flow of people into, around and out of buildings.

The three primary functions of access control and door entry systems are to monitor the location/s of individuals within a building, control where individuals are able to gain access and manage individual user permissions to ensure that access is granted to the correct individual, to the correct area/s, at the correct time/s.

Access Control Design Service

To be truly effective all of our systems must be individually designed in order to minimise the risk. We take into account the usage of the premises so that the system remains effective and user friendly.

The Benefits

  • Increased security – protect premises and staff. For enhanced protection, integrate access control with ‘other’ security systems, i.e. intruder alarms or CCTV
  • Cost effective – access and entry control systems from Tri Tech Solutions can do more than open doors. Fully utilise your access control system capability to improve ROI
  • Flexible solutions – the complete range of Tri Tech Solutions products mean that we can tailor a solution to meet your needs whatever your business type, size and expected growth forecast
  • Maintain and improve – regular service and maintenance visits will maintain the security level provided by your access control system and will keep you updated all new functionality available

Types of Access Control System

We offer the very latest access control technology, including proximity readers, card access systems and biometric access control (finger print recognition). Systems can be as simple as a single-door to fully ‘networked’ systems that may be linked across the customers own computer networks. This also enables ‘remote’ buildings to be linked to the system using modem links. We have a range of systems to suit the risks and your budgets.

We also install a range of wireless controllers and readers to suit every application.

Intercom Systems

We also offers a large range of audio and video door entry systems. These may range from a single handset to well over 100 units in large residential or commercial projects.

Existing Systems

We can also maintain existing systems.

Prior to acceptance, one of our experienced surveyors will visit your premises to review your security system and ensure it complies with the necessary standard/s.