Fire Alarm Systems

Full Fire Alarm Service

Fire alarm systems from Tri Tech Solutions offer the complete solution for both businesses and homes across The West Mdlands and Worcestershire. We are specialists in the widest range of fire detection equipment and technology delivered by highly qualified and experienced industry professionals.

Whatever your fire alarm system requirements, we offer total support, from design and installation to fire alarm testing and inspection.

We can also monitor your existing equipment even if we didn’t install it. Assessments are carried out to pinpoint your fire alarm system requirements and to ensure your premises meet the latest industry regulations.

Types of Fire Alarms

Tri Tech Solutions offers three basic types of fire alarms:

  • Conventional fire alarms
  • Analogue addressable fire alarm systems
  • Wireless fire alarms

Cost effective and the perfect choice for smaller premises, conventional fire alarm systems are made up of designated detection zones linked to a centralised control panel, which pinpoints the affected zone.

Analogue fire alarm systems utilise detectors which pinpoint the actual location of any fire detected as opposed to a whole zone. The detectors also self monitor to provide early indication of any contamination or fault status. With little cabling required, it’s a system that offers real flexibility and is the favoured alarm system for large buildings.

Wireless fire alarm systems are the latest fire detection equipment and all our equipment meets the current EN54-25 standard. Wireless fire alarms offer an easy and cost effective solution to protecting vacant premises and remote buildings. Battery operated, it means no cables are needed making it simple and fast to install.

Additional Fire Detection And Protection Systems

Tri Tech Solutions also offers a number of additional fire systems, depending on your requirements. Contact us for more details.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Our team of highly trained fire alarm engineers combine many years of industry experience with considerable expertise and in-depth knowledge of all fire alarm systems, ensuring your system has the correct fire alarm maintenance package.

They are always up to date with the latest fire alarm technology too, thanks to our commitment to ongoing training and staff development. Whatever detection system is right for your needs, our engineers will ensure it is always serviced and maintained to the highest of standards.

Our range of cost effective and flexible service and maintenance contracts, will always ensure your fire detection system is operating to its full potential and meets all standards and current fire legislation.

Why Choose Tri Tech Solutions for Fire Alarm Maintenance?

  • Peace of mind – We offer 24-hour emergency cover on our fire alarms and fire detection systems to keep them working.
  • Cost saving – Service visits are also an opportunity to provide you with training updates, advice and to check your Risk Assessment still meet your needs.
  • Fast response – All of our engineers carry ‘car stock’ so most repairs can be done on the first visit.
  • Compliance – Making sure you comply with British Standards, the latest fire legislation and strict insurance requirements.
  • Minimise false alarms – Save money and disruption to your business, as well as unnecessary callouts from emergency services.
  • Takeover/third party systems – We can service and maintain your existing fire alarm system even if we weren’t the original installation company.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We have a number of cost effective home alarm maintenance/service options designed to keep your home alarm system working to its optimum level. Modern technology even allows us to remotely monitor and troubleshoot equipment for any faults so you may not even need a visit from our engineers to solve some issues.

‘Takeover’ Of Existing Systems

It doesn’t matter if we didn’t install your existing equipment, you can still choose Tri Tech Solutions to maintain and monitor your home alarm system.

All it takes is a visit from one of our experienced technical staff to review you current system and ensure it complies with the necessary British and European standards – then you can make the switch.