CCTV Systems

Installation, Maintenance And Monitoring

Tri Tech Solutions are one of the leading suppliers of CCTV systems in The West Midlands and Worcestershire. We can give you access to both commercial and home security cameras to suit all requirements and budgets.

From design and installation to repair, service and maintenance, our wide ranging and cost effective services cover everything. We also offer 24/7 monitoring solutions.

All our CCTV systems services are delivered by a highly trained and experienced team of engineers and installers.

We are also fully committed to an ongoing programe of staff development and training to ensure everyone in our team is fully versed with all advances in technology.

Our Systems

  • Single or multiple CCTV camera systems
  • IP CCTV systems
  • Thermal Imaging CCTV Systems
  • Video analytics

The Complete Solution

When it comes to protecting staff and assets, CCTV systems have a key role to play in your security provision.

Our design and installation teams will carry out a full assessment of your premises to pinpoint the perfect CCTV system for your requirements.

Get all the training you need to operate your system too – learning how to record, store and access the information.

Modern CCTV systems also offer great flexibility as they can be integrated with existing security measures, such as security lighting, fire and intruder alarms.

IP CCTV Systems

Modern IP CCTV systems meet the demands of the computer age, turning video and audio into electronic data.

Highly flexible, yet competitively priced, we can offer clients high performance IP CCTVsystems with high definition technology, integrating them seamlessly into existing computer networks.

Thanks to significant advances in technology, IP CCTV systems are no longer seen as a far costlier alternative to traditional analogue systems.

IP CCTV Systems From Tri Tech Solutions – Highly Flexible And Cost Effective

Our IP recording and monitoring equipment can be linked to existing camera units. Carry on using your current equipment until you want to upgrade; you can even replace units in stages to make it even more cost effective.

IP CCTV systems offer great resolution too – more than five times better than analogue equipment – and footage can be played back multiple times without a deterioration in image quality.

With remote access capabilities you can even login to a secure server to view ‘real-time’ CCTV footage on desk top computers or hand held mobile devices.

Advances in IP CCTV systems hardware have also been matched by improved analytics software, enabling you to analyse a variety of data and intelligence from your equipment.

IP Systems – The Benefits

  • Significant savings on cabling costs.
  • Direct internet links for monitoring remotely
  • Add single network cameras instead of multiple units
  • Centralised systems offer savings on staff and equipment
  • Improved data security and storage
  • Automated, real-time event notification enhances response and information analysis.

CCTV Maintenance

CCTV Maintenance and repair is a vital part of your system provision.

It is important to know that your CCTV cameras and other equipment are always performing to the very best of their ability.

That’s why Tri Tech Solutions' range of maintenance, service and repair packages for CCTV systems will ensure just that.

If your CCTV system is monitored from an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) maintenance must be carried out by an approved company, Tri Tech Solutions fully compliant and insured.

Trust in the skill and knowledge of our expertise to bring you a maintenance service that is comprehensive, cost effective – and will give you complete peace of mind.

Key Benefits

It is vital your digital CCTV systems are periodically checked by a qualified engineer.

  • All our maintenance agreements complyv with insurance requirements
  • Fast response with most CCTV systems fixed on the first visit
  • Regular maintenance ensures compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • Get the latest advice and CCTV system training.

Takeover And 3rd Party CCTV Systems

Tri Tech Solutions can even look after the maintenance and repair of CCTV systems fitted by another security provider.

We are committed to on-going training and staff development to ensure every one of our engineers is fully versed in all types of CCTV camera technology.